What is Cavinona Wine Club?

Cavinona Wine Club is a wine membership, delivering a curated mixed selection of authentic Italian wines to your door every month. Enjoy exclusive benefits and access to complimentary tastings and much more. 

From renowned wineries to hidden gems, our wine club celebrates the people behind the wines. We bring you new releases from historical areas as well as up-and-coming wineries. With each bottle, you have the opportunity to connect with the stories of our outstanding producers and learn about the traditions of Italy's vineyards and cellars. Also dubbed Circolo del Vino, in Italian it translates to club as well as circle. The name also refers to a social hub, encouraging a sense of community and gathering with others who have shared interests, and in this case, the shared passion of wine in Circolo del Vino.

How does Cavinona Wine Club work?

Discover the Best of Italian Wines, Delivered!

Each month, receive a curated selection of six unique Italian wines, accompanied by detailed producer descriptions and tasting notes. Explore the diverse range of grape varieties and wine producing areas of every region, ensuring you always discover something new.

Did you know that Italy has the greatest number of indigenous varieties in the world? With over 350 registered grape varieties, Italy is also the number one producer of wine in the world. Explore what makes Italian wine so unique.

No repeats for a year.

No commitments.

Pause or cancel anytime.

Join now and enjoy the best of Italian wines, conveniently delivered to your doorstep.

Cheers to discovering the fascinating world of Italian wine, one bottle at a time!

What are the benefits of joining Cavinona Wine Club?

As part of Gruppo Terroni, members can expect to receive exclusive membership prices and enjoy benefits that reach beyond wine alone.

Receive Terroni gift cards, alongside other exciting add-ins that will be included in selected boxes.The next time you visit one of the Terroni locations please say hello. Talk to any of our wine directors or somms, they would love to assist and chat wine with you! 

Plus, you’ll get to enjoy private wine events and tastings, with opportunities to meet and connect with top winemakers from Italy. Not to mention, the opportunity to enjoy early access to limited-production wines, not available just anywhere.

How often will I receive my wine box?

You can expect to receive your exclusive wine club delivery at the beginning of each month, as long as your order was processed the previous month. The monthly orders are fulfilled, packaged and shipped out together at the end of each pay month, so we can get your delicious wine package to you as fast as possible.

Can I change my wine preferences or opt for a different wine case?

Cavinona Wine Club strives to provide the best of Italian wine experiences.

We understand that choosing wines can be overwhelming, and that's why we take the stress out of the selection process for you. You can trust our team to curate a careful selection of wines that showcase the rich heritage and regional diversity of Italian winemaking. Each monthly wine case is a unique journey through Italy's renowned wine regions, allowing you to discover new flavours and styles with every delivery.

While we do not offer the option to change the wine selections today, we would love to hear from you.Tell us what you would like and we would be happy to talk to you about our full wine Portfolio at Cavinona and how we can meet your wine needs. 

Our team of experts is dedicated to selecting a mix of quality wines, ensuring that each box represents the diverse and exquisite expressions of Italian wine.

Rest assured that we are committed to delivering exceptional quality and a delightful wine experience directly to your doorstep. Immerse yourself in the joy of exploring Italian wines without the burden of decision-making.


How do I update my account information, such as my address or payment details?
  1. Log in to your Cavinona Wine Club account.
  2. Once logged in, under your name you will find "Manage Membership." Click here to access your membership details.
  3. Within the account settings, you will see options to update your personal information, such as your address, email, and contact details. Click on the relevant fields that you wish to modify.
  4. After making the desired updates, click on the "Save" or "Update" button to confirm the changes.
Can I skip a month of delivery?

Yes. Cavinona Wine Club is designed to be flexible and accommodating.

If you wish to skip a month, you can easily do so by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Cavinona Wine Club account.
  2. Once logged in, under your name you will find "Manage Membership." Click here to access your membership details.
  3. Within the account settings, under "YOUR NEXT BILLING DATE," you have the option to skip that month's delivery.
  4. Confirm your selection to skip the month, and your membership will be adjusted accordingly.
  5. When you are ready to receive your monthly wine delivery, simply reactivate your membership according to your preferred schedule.
How does billing work?

Once you join, your credit card will automatically be charged monthly. You will receive confirmation of your order and  can pause or cancel your membership anytime. 

What happens if a wine in my case is damaged or corked?

We strive to ensure that every wine in your curated box arrives in perfect condition. However, in the rare event that a wine is damaged or corked, we are here to assist you!

If you encounter a damaged or corked wine, please reach out to our customer service team immediately. We recommend contacting us via our customer service email or using our contact form on the website. When contacting us, please be sure to provide the following details:

  1. Specify the wine in question: Please include the name or description of the wine that was damaged or corked. This information helps our team identify the specific bottle and address the issue accordingly.
  2. Description of the issue: Please provide a brief description of the problem you encountered, such as a broken bottle or a cork that has affected the wine's quality. Any additional details you can provide will assist us in understanding the issue better.

Our customer service team will promptly review your case and take the necessary steps to resolve the issue. We aim to ensure your complete satisfaction with each delivery.

How to tell if a wine is corked?

Corked wines can occur in about 5% of the world’s wines, which means when the wine is tainted with a bacteria called Trichloroanisole (TCA). 

  • A corked wine may have unpleasurable smells and tastes such as musty or like a moldy basement, wet cardboard/newspaper, or wet dog.
  • If the wine is slightly corked, the smell and taste will be very flat, losing its fruit aromas.
Can I pick up my box?

Should you wish to pick up your wine case, send us an email to wineclub@cavinona.com and we’ll be happy to assist you. 

Is the box recyclable?

100% recyclable, solvent free, water based inks.